Anti-slip top and bottom endings

Removable endings prevent the ladder from vertical or horizontal slipping and protect ends of carbon stiles. Universal bottom endings allow installation of standoff extenders for keeping safe distance of the hook ladder from the wall. With additional endings you can change one standard 4.6 m long ladder to several shorter ladders.

top aniti slip ending-01

specifikace window breaker-01


universal foot standoff-01

universal foot standoff-01 (1)

 Tactical hooks

Based upon a design proved by decades of using by fire fighters, these hooks perfectly suit for urban operations. Light and firm frame made of high grade aluminium alloy carries two replaceable stainless steel blades with sharp teeth allowing firm grip of the hook while hanging on window frames.  V-shaped tips easily penetrate through window glass while the teeth provide an excellent tool for tearing down interior blinders. Mounting system on the back of hooks allows quick installation of optional handles.


specifikace window breaker-01

Mobile standoffs

Standoff devices with replaceable extenders can be easily installed to any part of ladder stiles in order to keep safe distance of the hook ladder from the wall.  They can be used either individually or in combination with universal bottom endings with attached standoff extenders.

hook ladder standoff-01


specifikace window breaker

Window-breaking heads

When installed on the top ends of stiles, these practical tools allow you to use the ladder or its shorter parts for breaking windows of buildings, busses, trains and other vehicles. Sharp quenched-steel tips installed on both sides of each head are easily replaceable.

window breaker-01

specifikace window breaker-01

Heavy-duty backpack

Heavy duty backpack allows to carry the ladder set placed in the transport bag with attached accessories for longer distances, mainly within the framework of rescue or special military operations taking place in remote areas accessible only by foot or by a helicopter. Comfortably padded shoulder straps with waist and chest belts together with adjustable height-setting system allow safe descent from a hovering helicopter even using fast-ropes.


Removable hook-ladder handles

Removable handles allow safer and easier access from the top of hooks to the window. They are available in two different shapes.

Extension carbon rope ladder

Light extension ladder is made of extremely strong polyamide ropes and extremely strong wound carbon-tube anti-slip rungs filled with special hard foam. Top ends of ropes are furnished with loops with attached carbines allowing easy installation on the bottom end of hook ladder stiles.

Emergency kit

The kit contains a textile cover with stripes for safe fixation of an injured person on an emergency medical stretcher made of two sections of the ladder during transport. It is delivered in a light poach which can be quickly attached to any tactical gear using universal MOLLE system.

Standoff extenders

Rubber-ended removable extenders can be easily installed on mobile standoffs or universal bottom endings of the ladder. Available in two lengths, they allow you to adjust step-up distance of the hook ladder from the wall according to the situation.

Transport bag

Standard transport bag allows comfortable and safe transportation of the standard ladder set in small vehicles and its hand or shoulder carrying from a staging area to the point of action for shorter distances. Poaches or pockets with accessories can be easily attached using universal MOLLE system.