Bridge ladder

Bridge ladder allows safe crossing of gaps (obstacles) like brooks, ditches, retaining walls, shafts etc. by persons or transportation of heavy loads by sliding up to 200 kg in horizontal position with the clear span up to 4.6/5,0 m.

After easy installation of aluminium drive-on plates, it can be used as a loading/crossing ramp for motorcycles or ATVs.

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Hook ladder is a perfect tool for safe ascent or descent of 1 person to or from higher floors (windows, flat roofs, balconies, vessels, bridges). The hook ladder can be used in different lengths up to 4.6 m/5,0 m (with the extension carbon rope ladder up to 6,5 m).

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Leaning ladder

Leaning ladder is designed for safe ascent or descent of 3 persons to higher floors (up to 4.6 m).

Besides of this, it allows rescue of persons by carrying over the shoulder or sliding down or up.

Anti-slip endings prevent the ladder from skidding while the rough surface cover assure safe step even if wet or icy. Round stiles without any protruding parts also allow fast emergency sliding-down descent.

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Window breaker moves options of using the LADCARB. laddersto even higher level.

After quick installation of window-breaking heads with hard-steel tips it can be used for easy breaking through windows of buildings, busses, trains and other vehicles with immediate use of the ladder for a fast entry.

Window breaking plate allows rapid entry through windows covered with advertising or anti-vandal foil. Heavy plate installed on a short ladder can be used both for  pushing the glass out of the frame and for climbing.

For entering vehicles perfectly suit shorter versions of the ladders.


Emergency stretcher is a solution allowing transportation of injured persons to a safe place for further medical treatment.

One standard ladder set provides for 2 emergency stretchers.

To improve the stretcher performance, we provide a Rescue Kit consisting of an easy-to-attach cover with fixing belts to avoid injury of patients and protecting them from cold during transportation and a lifting bridle with snap-shackles allowing lifting or descent of the stretcher by hand or winch and even its fast evacuation under elicopters.


Our custom-made aluminium adapters allow installation of a single or dual LADCARB. ladder to any model of vehicle-borne assault platform. One LADCARB. ladder set provides for 4.6/5.0 m long single ladder or 2.3/2.5 m long dual ladder.

Using two standard LADCARB. ladder sets, the dual ladder can reach up to 4.6/5.0 meters with substantially lower weight than offer standard assault platform ladders so that it can be easily lowered or lifted up by one operator.

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Designed for installation on vehicle borne tactical assault platform, these adapters are always custom-made according to the mounting system and dimension of the specific platform.



Thanks to precisely adjustable length by combination of 2-rung and 3-rung section together with the rail extenders this ladder allows safe access to different height levels of doors and windows of trains, buses etc.


Light and strong LADCARB. MARINE boarding ladder is a perfect tool for boarding large ships.

Dual hook span is designed to fit railings up to 0,4 m and bottom rail ends allow easy installation of wire or rope ladders. The ladder floats in both fresh and salt water.

Materials used assure 100% corrosion resistance.