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Extremely strong structure made of carbon fibre composite tubes manufactured using the most advanced axial fibre laying technique together with our unique design assure high durability, low weight, extremely high modulus and unbelievable versatility of this product.

4.6 m long ladder consists of 4 sections which can be quickly and easily dismantled to single parts fitting into a dedicated bag for storage or transport and assembled right at the point of action.

For special military or rescue operations in remote areas we provide heavy-duty mountaineering backpacks allowing even safe fast-roping from helicopters.

Thanks to carefully selected dimensions and structural characteristics, the ladder was successfully certified in accordance with the EN-BS 1147 Standard as a rescue and access ladder for professional use.

The ladder endures loads up to 200 kg at horizontal position (bridge) and it can carry 3 persons while leaning againsta wall. One single rung with rough and durable anti-slip surface cover withstands a load up to 500 kg allowing rescue of persons by carrying over the shoulder.

Special safety locks allow the ladder to be used with hooks in a vertical position with the load up to 300 kg.

In addition to this, the ladder can be easily transformed to an emergency stretcher designed not only for ground transportation of patients, but also for their lifting by winch or fast evacuation under helicopter.

With custom-made adapters it can be quickly installed on vehicle borne assault platforms replacing standard heavy and clumsy aluminium ladders.


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Allows safe crossing of obstacles like brooks, ditches, retaining walls etc by persons or transportation of a heavy load by sliding.


A perfect tool for safe ascent or descent to or from higher floors (windows, flat roofs, balconies, vessels, bridges).


Designed for safe ascent or descent of 3 persons to or from higher floors (up to 4.6 m) and rescue of victims by carrying over a shoulder or sliding down or up. Round stiles allow fast emergency slide-down.


Rescue Kit consisting of an easy-to-attach cover with fixing belts and carabiners attached to 2 sections of the LDC ladder allows transportation of injured persons for further medical treatment. Designed for safe lifting or descent by hand or winch and for fast evacuation under helicopters.


With removable window-breaking heads you can use the ladder for breaking through windows of buildings, busses, trains and other vehicles followed by a fast entry.


Window breaking plate allows rapid entry through windows coveredwith advertising or anti-vandal foil.


Custom-made adapters allow installation of a single or dual LADCARB® LDC ladder to different models of vehicle-borne assault platforms. Two standard LADCARB® LDC ladder sets create a dual ladder 4.6 meters with substantially lower weight than standard assault platform ladders so that it can be easily lowered or lifted up by one operator.


Thanks to the absolutely unique design, the LADCARB LDC ladder allows connecting of single rails into an extremely strong universal pole reaching up to 9.2 m. With a wide range of accessories the pole offers many different applications:
– Camera/Antenna mast
– Rescue pole
– Climbing pole
– Many others